How Important Is Small Business


Is branding just for large corporations? If not, what does small business branding look like? What are the returns in branding?

Can I Afford It?

These are legitimate questions for any small business owner to ask. Branding sounds expensive. We already know the cost of local advertising, not to mention the stories we hear of corporations that spend millions for just a 30 second Super Bowl ad. But before we convince ourselves that branding is too expensive, let's look at what branding is and the benefits attached.

What Is Branding?

Branding is much more than just having a new logo designed. Branding encompasses the overall image and voice of a business. It is of utmost importance to understand your niche as well as your target demographic in order to develop a proper and effective brand for your business.

Your brand is your identity and is what will reinforce your clients' perception of your company. Trust and loyalty are established with your brand because it is the face that becomes synonymous with the satisfaction they experience with your company, service or product.


For a brand to be effective it has to be consistent. For example, you have established guidelines on the specific colors that may be used in your logo and how it is to be displayed. If these guidelines are not kept, it will diminish all the efforts and money you have put into your brand.

The look, the voice and the message have to stay consistent with the branding plan. There are times that it is good to revisit the plan, rebrand and update the company image to bring it current with what the company is doing. But it should not be changed on a whim, only with planning and always attempting to build on what you've already established. Seldom do you really need to totally reinvent yourself.

Where Do I Start?

The process can look overwhelming. Where does a company start?

My suggestion would be to start right here. We have some free resources on our website that are helpful in breaking down the process into a number of sections. A small business marketing strategy called 4 Dimensional Marketing will be helpful to get started. Like the old adage, how does a person eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Use our free resources to get started, or if  you need some help getting started, we will sit down with you and do a two to three hour marketing consultation to set some goals and get you started. Contact us for consultation cost details. You may email us using the form below or call us at 574-747-8050.